Best Math Students

Math is indeed a difficult and complicated subject, but despite that, some students are still lucky enough to have the skills needed for Math. Many students are really struggling when it comes to solving and surprisingly, some students are on the other hand at ease and relaxed while answering. In this article, we are going to read about the students who really do well in math including some tips to help you with math.

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In an article by Lucy Pasha-Robinson, we are going to read about the best places in the world to learn science and math.

Best places in the world to learn science and maths revealed

Singapore has achieved the highest global education rankings for primary and secondary school pupils in maths and science, according to a new study. 

The Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study(TIMSS), published every four years by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA), assessed the performance of more than 600,000 children aged nine to 10 and 12 to 14 in 57 countries worldwide. 

Primary school pupils in Northern Ireland ranked sixth for maths, the highest score of any European country. 

England’s performance remained above average, but did not make any significant advancements since the last study four years ago, despite ministers’ ambitions to tackle “stagnating” performance. Read more here.

So Asian countries like Singapore, South Korea, and Japan where really proven as the countries who are best in math and science. This is really something to be proud of. Now, Angela Lim will tell us about Singapore students who topped global ranking in maths and science. Let us read below.

Singapore students top global ranking in maths and science

The study assessed Primary 4 and Secondary 2 pupils in 64 education systems. It found that students in Singapore had a strong mastery in both subjects, and were able to apply their knowledge and conceptual understanding to solve problems.

SINGAPORE: Singapore students are the world’s best in mathematics and science, according to an international benchmarking study released on Tuesday (Nov 29). 

Primary 4 and Secondary 2 students here topped both subjects in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), which assessed pupils from 63 other education systems around the world.

Not only are Singapore students scoring well in those subjects, they also have more positive attitudes towards learning and are immersed in condusive learning environments, the survey found. Read more here.

                Great! Congratulations to Singapore students who topped global ranking in math and science. They believed that they had a strong mastery of the subject and that they use their knowledge well in solving problems. In relation to that, let us read an article by Mr Ausome which is about nine tips to taking math examinations.

9 Tips to Taking Math Examinations!

Here are some real tips on how to better tackle mathematics examinations

Before Exam:

1)  Ensure sufficient rest before the Exam.

Staying awake through the night before an exam to cram in your revision is the worst mistake you can make to prepare for a mathematics examination. This strategy might work for content-based subjects like history and geography but definitely not math. When facing a math examination, you need to be equipped with a fresh, clear mind that is capable of thinking sharply, clearly, creatively and accurately. A tired mind will only result in tons of careless mistakes and serious mind blocks when facing even moderately difficult questions. Hence, make it a point to sleep early before the night of your math examinations!

2) Stay Hydrated

Studies showed that students who took water into the exam hall did up to 10 per cent better than those who did not. That is one whole grade more! Staying hydrated ensures that the brain functions smoothly and drinking water also calms the nerves. Conversely, being dehydrated will lead to fatigue and heightened anxiety. Having that said, please do not guzzle down like a thirsty hippo and end up visiting the rest room every few minutes during the examination! Read more here.

These tips could really be helpful especially if we want our country to be one of the bests in math. There are tips given that you could apply before and during the examination. Try doing these tips and you will surely do better now on your examinations. Being good at math really takes some effort and intelligence. Study math well and practice hard so you could be just like the students who made their country as the best in math.