Do You Require a Court or Doctor’s Order for Paternity Test?

DNA testing have never been easier. With over the counter kits available in the markets people can easily get access to the unsolved questions in their life. Many people think that a paternity test is not easy to acquire. Moreover, they are also of the opinion that it may require a court order or a doctor’s approval to proceed. If you are looking for some answers related to your genes, a paternity test will do good. If you think you require approvals, here are a few important things to know about paternity tests.

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A paternity test the y chromosomes in males and in females traces the genes from the male. It is not hard to get a paternity test. If you just want to learn paternity answers for your own knowledge then all you need to do is walk to a retail store and a paternity test kit for yourself. Here it is better to remember that when you collect or submit DNA at home the results are not court admissible. This is because the court cannot verify if the participants in the test are who they say they are. If you need the test for child custody or for child support rulings then an over the counter kit will not help, a legal DNA test is required.

A legal test is required in New York city, however if you belong to anywhere else you can visit any reputed testing center with the participants and fix and appointment. A sample collector will check all the ideas and cheek swab process to ensure no malpractice and send those samples on mail for testing. A paternity test done once through such centers can be used in future if required.

When Do You Need an Order?

The approval of a doctor or legal is required in certain states or in cases where the samples of testing is required to be collected manually for any court issue or medical issue. A legal chain of custody test is required, especially in New York to ensure that the results are not toyed with.

In a gist if you reside in New York city and looking to perform legal paternity test, then you can get approvals from a doctor or a legal team to do the test. If you are not from New York you can go to a reputed testing center and get everything done without the requirements for any approvals. Paternity test is very easy to obtain, if you are looking for answers.