How to Combat with Muscle Spasms in the Neck and Shoulder

How to Combat with Muscle Spasms in the Neck and Shoulder?

When you sit in front of the laptop or TV the whole day and suddenly experience tightness in your upper back as you stand up, this could be a sure sign of muscle spasm. This happens when your muscles become rigid and contract thus going into a spasm. Here is how you can effectively combat the spasm in your neck or shoulder. 

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Next, an article posted at Native Remedies is a good read to what causes muscle spasms.

Understand what causes spasms

Back muscle spasms many times are the result of inflammation or soreness of a particular muscle in the back due to sudden movement at an incorrect angle. Muscle spasms in the back are quite common, even over-straining the back muscles while completing household chores can cause spasms. Read More Here!

Muscle spasms can occur due to various reasons. You can accidentally strain your back by heavy lifting in the gym. At times even the wrong angle while sleeping can cause tightness in the shoulder and the neck. The shoulder is usually more susceptible to pain caused due to overstraining the muscles and even while doing daily chores, you should be cautious.

When in the gym, try and do only those exercises that you are sure you can complete without a muscle being pulled. Do not take the risk as the pain can last for quite some time. Ensure that you practice a good sleeping posture as most of the times, having a bad posture leads to a lot of pain and discomfort. The same goes with neck pain and you should avoid long hours of continuous work in from of the laptop as it can cause neck strain.

You might give this article at ePain Assist written by Pramod Kerkar, MD, FFARCSI a read, which sheds some more light on Trapezius muscle spasm.

Learn various ways in which you can treat the spasm

Stretching is one of the best ways to get rid of Trapezius Muscle Spasm. Even if the muscle is not strained, stretching the muscle at least twice daily helps in preventing any further injury to the muscle and calm down the pain. These stretching exercises are easy to do and do not require any specialized equipment to do exercises for Trapezius Muscle Spasm. Read More Here!

There is a myriad of ways of treating the muscle spasm. Stretching being one. You can easily do the stretching exercises at home and need not buy any equipment or so. Moreover, applying cold compresses to the affected area helps a lot in reducing the pain. Another effective home remedy is to take some ginger and cabbage and heat it in the oven. Afterwards, you can take it out from the oven and apply on the place where you feel the most pain.

This natural remedy helps in reducing the neck and shoulder pain and you can try it out at you home. Moreover, the medication given by your doctor should also be followed along with other ways of treatment.

Summit Medical Group has an article in this regard that was developed by RelayHealth.

Prevent further pain in the neck and shoulder

Know what you can do about the common causes of neck spasm: overuse, stress, and poor posture. For example, use good posture when you work at a computer, take frequent breaks, and stretch your neck muscles. Read More Here!

The best way of preventing neck and shoulder is to know the root causes of the same. Overuse and poor posture should certainly be avoided and you should make it a habit to take frequent breaks while at work in order to avoid straining.

You can also de-stress yourself to foster a healthy lifestyle that curbs the neck and shoulder pain. Try out various yoga poses that will help you keep your body stress free. It is crucial to know that a lot of pain is caused due to heightened stress in the body. Yoga and meditation will help you alleviate the pain and stay fit.

Thus, neck and shoulder pain can easily be combated by understanding the root cause of the same. Ignoring the pain for a long duration can lead to serious issues which might even need medical intervention. Therefore, you should avoid sitting in front of the computer for really long hours without taking any breaks. You should exercise on a regular basis to avoid any such issues and find ways of reducing and managing your stress by trying out meditation and yoga. All the Best!